Dira is a commanding force in the realm of real estate, a privately held and vertically integrated company that leads the pack in the development, creation, and renewal of multi-family residential properties in the world’s most dynamic markets.We are a pack of builders, architects, designers, and private financiers, united in our mission to carve out timeless spaces that elevate neighborhoods and cities. Our commitment is to forge residential communities that are not only socially and economically robust but also environmentally vigilant.

Acquisitions & Development

Identifying Opportunity, Creating Value

At Dira, we thrive on the hunt for underappreciated assets, transforming them into beacons of growth and prosperity. Our approach is strategic and sharp, ensuring we uncover and seize opportunities that promise substantial value for our partners, investors, and residents.Our method melds innovative design with meticulous planning and stringent cost control. From the first vision to final execution, our acquisition and development process is seamlessly integrated, guaranteeing a journey that is as flawless as it is ambitious.

Investment Strategy & Thesis 2024

Renewing The Cities of Tomorrow

At Dira, we stand firm on the universal values of truth, beauty, and goodness. Our strategy is designed to maximize returns through a vertically integrated platform and meticulous value-add execution, revitalizing outdated and underperforming assets in primary US markets into proud homes for our residents.Our properties are more than just buildings; they are vital parts of their communities, enhancing the well-being of everyone involved—from occupants to investors.

Acquisition Criteria

Dira actively tracks down premier acquisition opportunities in primary US markets, focusing on commercial and multi-family properties with 100+ units, built in the 1990s or later. We are open to forming strong alliances through co-general partnerships and strategic joint ventures.

Who We Are

Ben Rohr | Principal

Raised in the bustling heart of NYC, I was captivated early by the vibrant culture, innovative ideas, and architectural majesty that surrounded me. Today, I channel that passion into leading Dira’s mission—shaping the ongoing evolution and prosperity of our cities and their communities.

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Why Top Investors Choose DiraPrioritizing Our Pack – Putting Investors FirstAt Dira, we lead with an unwavering commitment to prioritize our investors' best interests. It's more than a principle; it's our pact. Your success isn't just an outcome; it's our mission.While others may treat this responsibility lightly, we embrace our role as SEC-governed fiduciaries with the utmost seriousness. We're here not just to guide, but to guard your investments.Investing as a Pack – Investing Alongside YouWith Dira, you are never a lone wolf.Invest alongside us, sharing in the same meticulously managed assets that our experienced team handles. Unlike online crowdfunders, who may keep their stakes out of the deals they offer, we invest right beside you, ensuring we share every part of the journey to success.The Hunt for Excellence – Access to Institutional-Quality OpportunitiesWe bring the prowess of institutional-grade deals within your reach. Our in-house experts rigorously vet every opportunity, attracting heavyweight partners like large asset managers, foundations, and endowments.Leading with Innovation – Innovative Technology for Smarter InvestingOur proprietary technology enhances our natural instincts with sharp, data-driven insights, allowing for real-time investment and asset management decisions. We've engineered our systems from the ground up to secure better, faster results for our investors.The Strength of Transparency – Unparalleled TransparencyYour investment journey with Dira is marked by absolute transparency. Our platform doesn't just produce results—it provides clarity with comprehensive investment memos and detailed quarterly reports, ensuring you have 24/7 insight into your investments.Embark with Dira TodayJoin the pack at Dira today. Experience an investment journey that truly puts you first, side by side with a committed team, and tap into institutional-quality opportunities equipped with cutting-edge technology and complete transparency.